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Harapaisentie 12 A 19

Harapainen, 53500 Lappeenranta

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Built in: 1999

The apartment is vacant

  • 1080 €/month
  • Security deposit 0 €
  • 87,5
  • Apartment building, 4H+K+S
  • 3/3 floor
  • Water fee 24 €/person/month
  • Glazed balcony
  • Own sauna
  • Additionally: bathroom, heated storage
  • Elevator
  • Parking spaces vacant 5 pcs ›
  • Additionally: bicycle storage, drying room, storage cages, air-raid shelter

Saunallinen nelikko hissitalossa!

Tämä koti on kivalla paikalla lähellä keskustan palveluja, mutta kuitenkin luonnon äärellä. Asunto on avara ja valoisa. Makuuhuoneissa ja eteisessä on kivasti säilytystilaa.

Lattiat ovat harmahtavaa laminaattia. Seinät ovat maalatut tehostevärein.

Keittiökaapit ovat valkoiset, välitila on laatoitettu. Astianpesukoneella on tilavaraus. Kylpyhuoneessa on vaaleat laattaseinät. Tilavaraus on pyykinpesukoneelle. Erillinen WC helpottaa arjessa. Asumisen kruunaa oma sauna, jossa voi kylpeä oman aikataulun mukaan. Tilava parveke antaa lisää asumisviihtyvyyttä.

Kiinnostuitko, vuokraa tästä koti itsellesi!

About the area


Lappeenranta is located in Southern Karelia, close to the border of east and west, on the shores of Llake Saimaa.

The popular image of Lappeenranta is made of landscapes of great natural beauty, the Saimaa Canal, days at the harbour in the summer and the traditional but modern local meat pastries, vety and atomi.
In addition to these, Lappeenranta is a lively university city and a successful business hub. All of this combined with the laid-back joviality of the people make Lappeenranta extremely attractive as a place of residence.
There are many pleasant Lumo homes in Lappeenranta that meet the needs of different residents.

Rental housing in Lappeenranta

Almost half of the population in Southern Karelia live in Lappeenranta. The city has an ample selection of residential areas and types of housing, which makes rental housing in Lappeenranta easy. Central Lappeenranta is made up of ten districts. There are many Lumo rental apartments in different districts, which means there is something for everyone.

In Lappeenranta, modern and contemporary live side-by-side with traditional and historical. The city of Lappeenranta wants to meet the needs of its residents and invest in their well-being. The city collaborates closely with the associations of neighbourhoods and villages in housing matters.

If you are interested in rental housing in central Lappeenranta, we offer several Lumo apartments in the town centre. There are also newly constructed properties available. Other residential areas in Lappeenranta offer less densely populated housing in close proximity to the centre and its services.

The centre of Lappeenranta is easy to reach by bicycle, the city has almost 300 kilometres of paved bicycle lanes. For example, the districts of Kimpinen, Kanavansuu, Sammonlahti and Skinnari are located within biking distance from the town centre. A Lumo rental apartment in one of these neighbourhoods is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to live a little further away from the city centre but close to its services. The bus services are also excellent in Lappeenranta.

Central locations in Finland

Good public transportation in all directions is one of the keys to Lappeenranta’s vitality. The distance to Helsinki is 215 kilometres or two hours by train. St. Petersburg can be reached by train in one and a half hours. Lappeenranta has its own airport, which offers fast connections and even some non-stop flights to southern Europe.

Idyllic lake Saimaa

Lake Saimaa is an impressive environment with beautiful nature and clean water. Saimaa is one of the key contributors to the atmosphere of the city. The idyllic Lake Saimaa has been noted worldwide: for example, the Wall Street Journal listed it as one of the five most beautiful lakes in the world. “A sprawling network of islets, channels and islands,” is how Lake Saimaa was described by the Wall Street Journal.

Saimaa is also known for the Saimaa ringed seal, a highly endangered species of seal that is the subject of protection efforts to increase the population. WWF Finland increased thje public awareness of the species and its status with the Norppalive online stream, which often featured a rather plump individual that came to be known as Pullervo. Thousands of people in Finland and around the world watched Pullervo spend time on his favourite rock.

Part of the Lumo rental apartments in Lappeenranta are located near the lake, and there are also apartments that overlook splendid views over Lake Saimaa.

Historical city of culture

History is ever-present in Lappeenranta. One of the most famous historical sites in Lappeenranta is the splendid Lappeenranta Fortress, which dates back to the 18th century. The fortress is a reminder of the decades of battles between Russia and Sweden-Finland. Lappeenranta was originally built within and around the fortress, from where it gradually expanded to the surrounding countryside. The city of Lappeenranta has renovated several elements of the fortress in recent years, and the site is regarded as part of the cultural heritage of Finland, Sweden and Russia. Nowadays, the Lappeenranta Fortress and its surroundings are known as the Old Town of Lappeenranta. It has apartments, the Rakuunamäki barracks, as well as cafes and handicraft shops. In the summer, the lawn around the fortress becomes a popular picnic spot that overlooks a splendid view of lake Saimaa.

An international university town

Lappeenranta University of Technology is the pride of the city. It is the first university to combine technical and economic studies and serves as a forerunner in the technical sciences in general.

Active lifestyle in Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta offers a lot to see and do. There are many fun options for hobbies, including watersports and other activities, and the beautiful nature of Lappeenranta is perfect of outdoor recreation. Lumo rental apartments are located amidst nature, close to good leisure venues and services.

Holiday Club Saimaa, the largest spa hotel and recreational centre in the Nordic countries, offers fun and enjoyment for the whole family. At Ylämaa, you can visit the gem village and museum and marvel at spectrolite, the national stone of Finland. The number one attraction of Lappeenranta in the summer is the sand castle, which is built around a different theme every year, using three million kilograms of sand.

Gate to Russia

Lappeenranta is a convenient base for visiting Russia. Nowadays, you can visit Russia even without a visa by taking part on a visa-free cruise. Cruises to Vyborg and St Petersburg are a nice way to spend a day or two in the neighbouring country or explore it on a longer city break. Several cruise ships sail on the Saimaa Canal, and visa-free travel is available for all nationalities, which means also foreign tourists in Lappeenranta can visit Russia without a visa.

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House information
Harapaisentie 12

Kolmikerroksisen talon jokaisessa asunnossa on hyvät parvekkeet. Talon asukkaiden käytössä on kuivaushuone.

Lumo-asukkaana saat enemmän

Lumo-vuokrakodit tarjoavat turvallista ja ympäristöystävällistä asumista sekä parhaita asumisen palveluita. Tämän talon asukkaana pääset nauttimaan muun muassa seuraavista Lumo-asukaseduista:

- Laajakaistayhteys ja sisustusmaalit sisältyvät vuokraan.
- Lemmikit ovat tervetulleita, ovathan ne perheenjäseniä.
- My Lumo -verkkopalvelu asukkaan apuna asumisen arjessa.

Lisää Lumo-asukasetuja:
Basic house info
  • Building type: Apartment building
  • Completion: 1999
  • Energy rating: D2007
  • Cable TV (DVB-C): Elisa
  • Broadband: Elisa 10 Mbit/s
Shared facilities of the house: Bicycle storage, drying room, storage cages, air-raid shelter


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