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    Kauniainen offers comfortable housing in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, in the most compact town in Finland. Kauniainen is located within the municipal borders of Espoo.

    Kauniainen is a green and pleasant city in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and it is the smallest of the four cities in the region. It if famous for its low taxation rate and the high level of education of its residents. Although the area of Kauniainen is small, its services are comprehensive. Nature, the atmosphere of a garden city and good public transportation are the cornerstones of Kauniainen’s appeal.

    Former suburbs of villas

    The history of Kauniainen dates back to the early 20th century, when it was a suburb of villas in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. From early on, the area was connected with Helsinki by the coastal railway line. Over the years, the number of villas increased, and Kauniainen became an autonomous municipality. Kauniainen received the title of town in 1972. Many of the villas have since then been replaced with apartment buildings. Although Kauniainen is nowadays a densely populated town, the overall atmosphere and environment are still green.

    An idyllic city of parks

    Kauniainen has many beautiful parks that welcome residents to enjoy nature. Thurman park, for example, has cosy little picnic spots, scenic bridges and good play areas for children. The area around Lake Gallträsk is also popular, and the trails and paths around the lake are excellent for outdoor recreation. The Träskmossen wetlands to the west of the lake are a nature reserve.

    Living in Kauniainen

    Kauniainen is an in-demand residential area where everything is close. It is also a tranquil place to live in. Public transportation is excellent into all directions; there are fast commuter trains to Helsinki and Kirkkonummi and buses to Espoo. The local shopping centre Gran has both grocery stores and specialty shops, as well as several restaurants and cafes. And if you cannot find what you need at Gran, let the commuter train take you to shopping centre Sello in Leppävaara in five minutes or to central Helsinki in 20 minutes.

    Your own Lumo rental apartment in Kauniainen

    Kauniainen has rental apartments for single people, couples and families. There are several Lumo apartments of different sizes across Kauniainen. All of them have good locations and are served by public transportation.

    The Lumo rental apartments on Asematie are located about 500 metres from Gran. They are perfect for residents who appreciate location. The building’s shared facilities, including a swimming pool, are a definite plus for many. The Lumo apartments on Bredantie also offer comfortable shared facilities with a sauna and a pool. Furthermore, the apartments on Bredantie are located in a tranquil environment but near services.

    The low-rise apartment building on Thurmanin puistotie is in a tranquil area that is popular among families, and it has good connections to both Helsinki and Espoo. Residents living in the Lumo building on Thurmanin puistotie have access to the building’s shared facilities, including a laundry room, sauna and swimming pool. Recently completely renovated, Kavallintie 1 is a Lumo building with rental apartments to suit discerning tastes. The building has excellent shared sauna facilities that include a swimming pool. There are also large family-sized rental apartments on Kavallintie.