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Who do I contact to reserve a parking space? Who is responsible for the installation of a fire detector? Please refer to the table below for information on the division of responsibilities and the relevant contact details.

We recommend that you also read the Frequently Asked Questions by residents.

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Who do I need to contact?

Renovating the apartment Property manager
Renting an apartment and changing to a different apartment Rent an apartment yourself or submit your contact details via Lumo.fi
Resident activities Property manager
Parking spaces My Lumo > Parking spaces
Ordering additional keys Property manager
Key pick-up and return Check your key pick-up
and return location:
My Lumo > Contact information > Key management
Reporting vandalism and nuisance Property manager
Reporting problems with refrigerating machines, stoves and sauna heaters In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the property manager, and elsewhere in Finland the maintenance company
Opening locked doors Maintenance company
Sauna reservations My Lumo > Sauna bookings
House book extracts Maintenance company
Notification of moving in and moving out Maintenance company
Leaking taps, adjustments to thermostats Maintenance company
Fixing defects in apartments and buildings Maintenance company
Matters related to rent payment Customer service
Cleaning of common areas Property manager


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