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Water and drains

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Water damage can cause serious damage to the entire building. Make sure to immediately report all urgent problems to your maintenance company. By following the instructions below, you can easily observe the condition of indoor plumbing fixtures and appliances yourself.

Lumo tips: Keep your drains in order


  • immediately submit a fault report at if you detect a broken or leaking indoor plumbing fixture or drain system
  • never leave washing machines running without supervision and always close the taps after the washing programme has finished
  • regularly check the condition of washing machine and dishwasher hoses and their connections
  • make sure that the inlet and outlet hoses have been plugged before removing the hose connectors
  • remember that installing indoor plumbing fixtures and appliances or adding new parts always requires a permission from the maintenance company. You can easily order a professional to install your dishwasher by clicking on the following link: Dishwasher installation service for Lumo residents

Water leaks

A dripping tap can waste as much as 100 litres of water in a day, while a leaking toilet tank can waste a hundred times more water. That’s why it is important to immediately report even the smallest problems.

It might not be easy to detect a leaking toilet cistern. You can place a piece of toilet paper on the back wall of the toilet cistern. If the paper gets wet, the cistern is leaking.

Water seals

All drain points have a water seal that prevents the drain odours from entering the apartment. Make sure that the drains do not get blocked by regularly cleaning the water seals. If you need help, contact your own maintenance company. The contact details can be found on your building’s notice board and in the My Lumo service.

If the drain has not been used for a longer period of time, the water seal may dry up and cause the drain smell to enter the apartment. The problem is easy to fix by pouring water into the drain.

Floor drains

You can clean the floor drain by first lifting and removing the grating. Make sure not to detach the inner lining or the bottom plug of the floor drain. Next, empty all water, hair and dirt from inside the drain. In element-structured bathrooms, the wall drain is cleaned by first removing the grating on the wall.

Washing machines and dishwashers

You can install a washing machine yourself by adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions, provided that the connection point has already been installed. Never use extension cords for power connection. If the washing machine connection is missing or is different to what is required, contact the maintenance company who will assist you with choosing the right kind of adaptor, for instance. Also remember to clean the machine’s lint filter according to the manual instructions.

Dishwashers should only be installed by professionals. A leaking dishwasher can cause significant damages. Installing a plastic cover under the dishwasher prevents water damages and helps to detect leaks.

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