The right service at the right time – a digital service is often the easiest way forward
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The right service at the right time – a digital service is often the easiest way forward

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The aim of developing services for Lumo home residents is to find the easiest way for them to manage their affairs themselves. This applies even to digital service development. For example, many new features have been added to the My Lumo service to make the everyday lives of residents easier. 

Our needs change in various phases of life – and that goes for housing as well. You need different information and services when you are looking for a new home—a bigger or smaller home—or when you move to a new place. Likewise, the needs for housing-related services vary: sometimes you require a caretaker to help urgently, sometimes you have questions for the property manager. 

Lumo homes wants to offer easy solutions to these and all other housing-related issues. More often than not, the solution is digital,” say Applications Specialist Tiia Enckell and Development Manager Anna Saarinen. 

It is vital that the service is accessible exactly when required.   

“Digital services are available 24/7, and people in Finland are used to them and know how to use them. Sometimes it seems that people wonder more if a service is not available online,” Saarinen summarises.   

Lumo webstore and My Lumo lead the way 

The digital services most familiar to residents of Lumo homes are probably Lumo webstore and My Lumo resident’s service. In September, Lumo webstore exceeded the limit of 20,000 tenants with flying colours and as many as 30,000 residents are already using the My Lumo service. 

“Both services have evolved and improved throughout their existence. They meet users’ needs way better today than at the time of their launch. We would like to thank the residents for their excellent improvement ideas in this respect,” Enckell says. 

Both Enckell and Saarinen welcome the inclusion of residents in service development. 

“The tips, ideas and opinions of residents are the basis for development. That is why we listen closely and scrutinise, for example, all responses to surveys for residents. The residents are the experts on their housing.” 

Many digital services have started from residents’ ideas. Examples include the chatbot introduced to the website and My Lumo service, and both services being offered in English.  

Enckell and Saarinen say that not all ideas turn out to be super successful, but that is the reason why we have a low threshold for testing and piloting various features. 

Do you know these?

Pay rent in the My Lumo service. A feature welcomed by residents. For many, the easiest and simplest way to pay rent.

Fault report in the My Lumo service. A feature developed by request of residents. A fault can be reported as the problem arises. You can enclose pictures to help analyse the problem. You can track the progress of your service request, and you will receive an email or text message to keep you posted about how and when the problem will be resolved.

Chatbot on the website and in My Lumo service. Another feature developed by request of residents. Available on websites 24/7. Try it if you have a question! and My Lumo in English. By request of residents, most parts of the websites are available in English.

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