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Targeting excellent resident satisfaction

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Lumo wants to be the property market frontrunner and the number one choice for our customers. Making that goal a reality is the responsibility of Kojamo’s Chief Customer Officer Tiina Kuusisto.

“It means that we want Lumo homes where satisfied people live. That’s why we want to listen to our residents, include them in developing the housing services and help them find a home.”

According to Kuusisto, Lumo has made great progress. The tools for the work include regular client satisfaction surveys and information submitted through the new My Lumo service. Residents are also encouraged to participated in the housing development, which means that they are invited to share their views, most often through digital channels.

Lumo residents will come across the resident satisfaction surveys in different stages.

“The first step is moving to a Lumo home. We want to know why the resident selected a Lumo apartment, how they found us and what services directed at movers work the best. For instance, the Lumo webstore has been praised a lot.”

“We use the resident satisfaction survey to chart the opinions of residents already living in Lumo homes. These surveys raise different topics related to everyday living: how well and quickly different maintenance procedures are executed, for instance. In addition, the condition and cleanliness of the waste disposal room and shared facilities are important for the residents. And naturally, we want to know why someone has decided to move out of their Lumo home.”

There are many examples of successful services. Kuusisto shares a few:

“The Lumo Trainer activities have spread from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to Tampere in accordance with the residents’ wishes, and the My Lumo service has responded to the needs of many residents in a positive way. The car share vehicles have been praised, too.”

Kuusisto also reminds that Lumo will help you when your life is changing and you need a new home.

“We help the resident to find a new home and make moving as flexible as possible. If you change from one Lumo apartment to another, we offer free moving boxes. We can agree upon the moving day so that it best suits the resident and that they don’t have to pay double rents.”

Lumo will help when your life is changing and you need a new home.


Kuusisto has a genuine interest in the residents. She has visited all Lumo Home centres, got to know the buildings and met the residents in her daily work.

“It’s great to see how the wishes and needs of the residents are listened to all over Finland. Everyone wants to succeed in solving the challenges.”

In her own life, Kuusisto aims at making daily life as smooth as possible.  Her family includes a husband and an eight-year-old son with sports hobbies. She lives in an apartment building in Töölö, Helsinki.

“Everyday life runs the smoothest when everything is planned and all things and objects have their own places. That’s a good goal both at work and home.”

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