Shared facilities

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Everyone can contribute to keeping the shared facilities and yard clean and pleasant. We can all take small actions every day to help the shared environment. For example, we can wipe our shoes to avoid carrying dirt inside the building in rainy weather.

Eco-efficiency is also achieved through small actions. By only using the amount of water that you really need, for example. When you go shopping, you can think about how to avoid unnecessary waste. This also helps reduce your building’s waste bill.

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Doors, staircases and basement corridors

Please make sure that the exterior door is closed properly behind you. For example, rubbish or snow in the doorway can prevent the door from closing all the way, and open doors can attract uninvited visitors. Placing sticks or other objects between the door and the doorframe can damage the door, doorframe and hinges. If you notice any problems with the doors or other parts of the shared facilities, please contact the maintenance company. You can find the contact details for your maintenance company on the notice board in the stairwell of your building or on the My Lumo service.

The basement fire doors must always be kept shut. Fire safety regulations also prohibit the storage of prams and other items in stairwells, basement corridors and carports. For everyone’s safety, storing mopeds and other motorised vehicles as well as flammable liquids, gases and explosive substances is prohibited throughout the building. If there are objects in the basement corridors or stairwells that do not belong there, the owner of the property has the right to remove them without separate notification.

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