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Vantaa resident Joni Okkola is one of the first users of the My Lumo service. The easy-to-use and clearly structured service has been a positive surprise for him. He is especially pleased by being able to handle all housing-related matters quickly on his phone.

When the pilot phase of the new My Lumo service for tenants began in February 2019, Joni Okkola saw an announcement about it on the noticeboard in his building.

“When I noticed that my building was included in the pilot phase, it only took a few minutes for me to sign up using my online banking credentials and start using the service on my phone.

Strong digital TUPAS identification is only required during the first time a new user signs in. After the initial identification has been completed, the user can create sign-in credentials for the service or link the service to their Facebook, Google or Microsoft account. Okkola linked the My Lumo service to his Facebook account.

“Not having to remember many different account names and passwords makes things a lot easier.”

Less time spent looking for services

For Okkola, one important feature of the My Lumo service is easily seeing whether he has remembered to pay the rent. The service also provides quick access to online banking for paying rent. According to Okkola, the other features of the service are also very easy to find.

“Everything is right there at my fingertips. Before this service was launched, I felt I spent a lot of time browsing online to find the information I needed. This new service is a lot clearer and easier to use,” he says.

For example, various announcements are now very easy to see, which is advantageous for the users. Okkola cites the example of reserving parking spaces, which is very easy to do via the My Lumo service.

Joni Okkola gives the My Lumo service an overall grade of 8+.
Joni Okkola gives the My Lumo service an overall grade of 8+.

Involved in further development

The first users of the My Lumo service were interviewed online. They answered questions and were invited to get involved in the continued development of the service.

“I wanted to provide useful feedback, so I used the service quite extensively. I went through every page on several occasions to think of what might be missing. I didn’t really find any deficiencies, though. For the most part, all the important things were already there,” Okkola explains.

Browsing the service was also a learning experience for this young man.

“I had never thought about how I might make a booking for the sauna, for example. The online discussions helped me find that out. We also discussed ways to develop and improve the sauna booking system. I look forward to seeing which ideas will be implemented!”

Okkola gives the My Lumo service an overall grade of 8+.

“I’m sure there is still some room for further development, but I would say the service works really well the way it is now. I’m very satisfied with it. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and you can use the service on your phone or computer no matter where you are,” Okkola concludes.

Read more about the service features here.

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