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Improve your running technique with tips from Lumo Trainer

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Good running technique helps you avoid stress injuries and increase your enjoyment of running. Our Lumo Trainer running school is here to help you improve your running form.

According to Lumo Trainer Hedvig Lundsten, the same problems with running technique are often seen among beginners as well as experienced runners. She lists three key points that all runners should pay attention to.

  1. Hold your hips high and forward. Avoid a seated running position and get your gluteus muscles working. Your hips should be open and forward, while your back should be neutral and straight. Visualise your pelvis moving up and forward as you run.
  2.  Keep your shoulders relaxed. Remember to keep your shoulders relaxed, but allow them to turn slightly backwards. Swing your arms back and forth. Imagine someone holding you up from a string attached to the top of your head. When you maintain good posture while running, your oxygen intake will be improved.
  3.  Good ground contact. When your foot makes contact with the ground, your centre of gravity must be over that foot, not behind it. This gives you a rolling stride and keeps your forward motion efficient.

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