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Clean the surfaces of your apartment by using mild detergents and soft cleaning equipment. Do not use too much water in order to avoid damaging the structures. Strong detergents strain the apartment’s surfaces and the environment, while abrasives wear out the surfaces of wet facilities.


Sand, sharp shoe heels and pets’ nails can easily scratch the floor surfaces. Using pieces of felt under the furniture legs helps to keep the floor surfaces in good condition.

Floor surfaces do not tolerate standing water. Parquet and laminate floorings are specifically delicate when exposed to moisture and should be cleaned by using a damp, almost dry cloth. Parquet flooring changes during the winter according to the humidity levels and may form small gaps. Any possible gaps usually disappear again during the summer.

Walls and ceilings

Walls and ceilings can be cleaned by gently brushing or vacuuming them. A sprayed ceiling, regular wallpapers and the so-called ‘washable’ wallpapers only endure small amounts of moisture.

Stains on wallpapers can be removed by using an almost dry towel that has been moistened with a mild washing detergent solution. You can also try to erase the stains using a rubber. Remove dirt around the exhaust vents by vacuuming or wiping with a dry cloth. A wet sponge will only spread the dirt.

What to do it there are pest insects in the apartment?

Even if you regularly clear your apartment, pest insects may find their way in. Pest insects usually make their nests under the shelves and cupboards, in the skirting boards or inside the closets.

Carefully clean the area where pest insects are found and brush and air the textiles. You can also use insecticides generally available in the supermarkets. Make sure to carefully familiarise yourself with the user instructions before using such products. After vacuuming, it is recommended to spray some insecticide inside the dust bag and immediately dispose of the dust bag by taking it to the bin.

Contact your local environmental and health authorities for more instructions related to pest control. If necessary, contact the property manager.


Putting up paintings and shelves


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