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Balcony, doors and windows

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On this page you will find tips for using your balcony and performing maintenance on your doors and windows.


Glazing can be installed on most balconies. It extends the balcony season while also providing protection from weather and noise. Contact your property manager for more information.

You can have a barbecue on your balcony using an electric grill as long as it doesn’t cause a nuisance to other residents. You can also smoke on your balcony unless you live in a smoke-free building, in which case smoking is only allowed in the designated area. Please refer to the house rules and regulations for more information.

Keep in mind that you can help conserve heating energy in the building as a whole by minimising the time you keep the balcony doors and glazing open! From time to time, you should also clear the stormwater outlets of leaves and rubbish.


You should close your windows and balcony doors whenever the apartment is unoccupied. Having the windows and doors closed when it rains prevents water from entering the apartment and the building’s structures.

In windy conditions, window stays prevent windows from being slammed by the wind. If it’s windy, you should also consider postponing any plans for cleaning the exterior surfaces of your windows.

If the apartment does not have make-up air valves, make-up air flows in through vents left in the seals of ventilation windows. These make-up air vents must not be blocked off.

Locks and hinges

You should oil your locks and hinges regularly. A few drops of oil in the spring and autumn ensures that the locks and hinges work properly in all weather conditions.

The hinges of furniture doors and drawer runners cannot withstand excessive weight. The racks on the doors of kitchen cabinets, for example, are only meant for lightweight objects.


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