• Lumo vinkkaa: 3 x kesytä kaamos kaupungissa
    Ideas for your home

    3 nights on the town

    Photos Marjo Tynkkynen / Otavamedia
  • Laugh. Laughter helps you live longer and shortens the dark autumn that seems never-ending. Check what your local theatres, cinemas and clubs are offering and find the best way to crack you up. Could it be stand up comedy?

  • Dance. Don’t forget about the joy of exercising when you’re pushing through the slush. Go to a dance class – be it contemporary, African or street dance – or refresh your old partner dance skills for the Christmas party season and next summer!

  • Enjoy the atmosphere. With the holiday season approaching, the country is packed with different atmospheric concerts and events. Enjoy them, soak in the atmosphere and sit still for a moment.


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